Loan Program:

If you are looking for a personal loan, debt consolidation, auto loan, home improvement loan, vacation loan, student loan, or any other type of lending service but you suffer from bad credit, you have come to the right place. Brockton Lending Trust prides itself on the capacity to be able to provide financing opportunities to clients with bad credit residing across North America. Having bad credit is a problem that a lot of people face especially in this less than perfect economic climate that we are living in right now. Many clients are stricken with the bad credit label mostly out of circumstances that arise in their life that make it difficult to keep up ever-mounting financial obligations.

Brockton Lending Trust believes that everyone deserves a second chance to be able to prove their credit worthiness and get their financial situations back on track. It is the main function of our friendly and professional loan advisors to negotiate a loan package that best meets a borrower’s current and future financial needs. All interest rates are fair and monthly re-payments are geared to meet each client’s specific individual circumstances. All of our loan programs start at $3,000, below are some of our more popular loan programs:

  • Personal Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Car Loans
  • New Home Buyer
  • Mortgages
  • Refinancing
  • Home Repair
  • Student Loan
  • Small Business Loan

These are just a few of our popular loan options contact us today to find out what more we can do for you.

A Little About Us:

Brockton Lending Trust is a North American loan company located Anaheim, California. Since the company’s inception late 2007, it has been able to emerge as a leader in providing financial solutions for clients with bad credit. The key to our success is the attention and care that we place on each individual borrower’s loan to ensure that it meets their current financial situation; simply put we do our best to make sure that each client gets a loan that they can actually pay back. By delivering loan terms that are geared towards each borrower’s specific needs an environment is created that makes for a higher succession rate on completion of loan obligations with little defaults and a number of early re-payments. With this system in place many of our bad credit applicants are able to turn their credit ratings from bad to good with our assistance. An easy to understand and straight-forward loan program coupled with a friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff has catapulted Brockton Lending Trust to North America’s premier Bad Credit Lender.